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Connect with Mercer and stay in touch by interacting with our various social media accounts.

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Mercer University Athletics Facebook Twitter              
Mercer University Alumni Facebook Twitter Instagram     LinkedIn      



School of Law Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube   LinkedIn      
Stetson School of Business and Economics Facebook Twitter       LinkedIn      
Tift College of Education Facebook Twitter              
Penfield College Facebook Twitter              
Townsend School of Music Facebook                
McAfee School of Theology Facebook Twitter Instagram            
School of Medicine Facebook     YouTube SmugMug        
College of Pharmacy Facebook         LinkedIn      
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Facebook Twitter              
Mercer University Library Facebook                
Mercer University Press Facebook Twitter              
Mercer Pre-Health Facebook                
Mercer University Office of Admissions   Twitter Instagram            
English Language Institute Facebook   Instagram            
Study Abroad Facebook Twitter Instagram            
Mercer Theatre Facebook                



Robert McDuffie Center for Strings Facebook                
Tattnall Square Center for the Arts Facebook                
Academic Resources Center Facebook                
Mercer Engineering Research Center (MERC)           LinkedIn      
Center for Community Engagement Facebook                



Campus Life Facebook                
Center for Career and Professional Development Facebook Twitter Instagram     LinkedIn      
Recreational Sports & Wellness Facebook                



Grand Opera House Facebook                
University Center Facebook                
Mercer HR Facebook                
IT Help Desk   Twitter Instagram            
Mercer Sheffield Gym (Atlanta Campus) Facebook                
Mercer Student Health Facebook                
Academic & Advising Services Facebook                


Mercer does not actively seek out social media accounts to include in this list. If you have an account that you would like to see included, please contact Matt Smith, Director of Online Communications, at